QA and professional development around documentation

It can be super tedious to have our typos pointed out, or to have quality assurance get back to us with clarification requests and follow-up questions about our documentation as clinicians. But I had another experience this morning with QA that reminds me that these are actually opportunities for us to improve our clinical practice […]


Saving time/energy/attention with text expansion

I get this monthly email (see image below) from TextExpander, the cloud-based macro app that I use and love.  Warms my heart to think I saved over 5 hours (OF MY LIFE) in May, 2020 by typing in a quick abbreviation (most/some of which I can remember without checking?) rather than whole phrases/sentences/paragraphs that tend […]

Breathing techniques, anxiety, and ADHD

Q: Hi Dr. Nowell,  I’m working on the PESI ADHD certification, and am enjoying your presentation a lot. I did want to reach out regarding the breathing technique you mentioned that involved breath holding. My colleague and I have recently been undergoing an extensive lit review to try to find support for these techniques, which […]

“Personality” and the Growth Mindset

I’ve been using this coffee mug for several years now. I specifically bought it for the inspiring quote and cool all caps font. But I am aware of some ambivalence about this quote. Just beneath the surface, I find myself asking “is it really? Is life about creating myself, and not about finding myself?” This […]

Q: How much of this ADHD workshop is gonna be theory?

Q: Hi there – I am very interested in attending the upcoming ADHD workshop. However can you please advise how much if any information will be provided about theory and diagnosis.  I ask this because I recently attended another such event and only the last 20 minutes of the whole day was given toward practical interventions. […]

ADHD and Sleep

Did you know  folks with ADD and ADHD are more likely to have broken sleep architecture, referring to those nice 90 minute cycles of deeper sleep punctuated by lighter sleep and dreaming?  students with ADD are more likely to have night wakings, delayed sleep onset, even nightmares and sleep walking. And on top of that, […]