Q: How much of this ADHD workshop is gonna be theory?

Q: Hi there – I am very interested in attending the upcoming ADHD workshop. However can you please advise how much if any information will be provided about theory and diagnosis.  I ask this because I recently attended another such event and only the last 20 minutes of the whole day was given toward practical interventions. I am really looking for intervention training so I would appreciate your feedback regarding the course outline.

 A: Hi, thanks for your question. About 75% of this training will be applicable strategies for real-life workplace and classroom and home and relationship problems.

I’ve been teaching workshops on this topic for several years and at first my training included a lot of background and theory. And people would say (at around 2pm) “are we going to talk about strategies?” and I would kind of not hear that. Because I’m nuts about brain stuff and theory. But at one workshop this attendee asked that question in a more pointed way, and I responded something like “I really think if you get this background info you’ll be in a better position to apply the strategies.” She looked at me kind of unblinking and bored (she had been doing this stuff with clients for years already and had attended lots of workshops before on the same topic)….and she said “Just trust us.” 

It hit me like a lightning bolt. “Just trust us.” This is what everyone had been wanting and I had not heard it. Attendees just wanted strategies and they wanted me to trust them to select the right tools for the right clients based on their clinical expertise. I finally go it.

And I spent the next 4 months reading everything I could, soliciting the best strategies from parents and ADHD coaches and teachers and psychotherapists and occupational therapists. I read blogs by adults with ADHD and asked my clients questions.

Then, with everything I’d learned, I rewrote the entire workshop. Just strategy on strategy, one after the other. During the training we will hear challenges from attendees and actively solicit ideas from those in the room who have developed strategies for similar problems.

If you do attend the ADHD workshop or the Willpower/Procrastination seminar, make sure you introduce yourself! Thanks again for your question.


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